GFWC/IFC Kankakee Valley Women's Club

4 Year College Scholarship - $750.00
Vocational-Technical School Scholarship - $250.00

The GFWC IFC Kankakee Valley Women's Club gives at least one college and one vocational school scholarship annually.  The granting of both scholarships is governed by the following regulations:

1.        The candidate must be a resident of the Kankakee Valley School district..  He/she must also be a member in good standing of his/her high school graduation class.

2.        The candidate must have been accepted by a four-year college with the intent to follow a course of study leading to a bachelor's degree or by an approved vocational or technical school with the intent to follow a course of study leading to a certificate or degree from that institution.

3.        Available scholarships will be awarded to candidates based on academic achievement, financial need, school and community activities, and writing ability.  A child or grandchild of a club member will be given extra consideration on the point scale used.

4.        Scholarship winners will be selected by the Scholarship Committee and the decision of that committee is final.

5.        Scholarship money(1/2)will be paid to the student at the beginning of each semester of (freshmen year) upon receipt of a letter/receipt from the school's registrar attesting that he/she is a full-time student in good standing---not to exceed a February 1 deadline

6.        If the scholarship recipient fails to use scholarship funds for college expenses, such funds must be repaid to the Kankakee Valley Women's Club Scholarship Fund.

P.O. BOX 841

All applications must be mailed to the above address.  Applications must be postmarked between March 1
and May 1.


Check one:
_________         4 Year College Scholarship    $750.00                  
_________            Vocational Technical Scholarship        $250.00

Please print or type all information.

Last                   First                     Middle                    Age

____________________________________________________  __________  

City________________________________________ State _____________ Zip__________________                 


Father's Name___________________         

Mother's Name___________________         


Brothers and Sisters                        Age                Name of College                                                          



Are you a child or grandchild of a Kankakee Valley Women's Club Member?                  
If so, name of club member:                                                                          


$15,000- $25,000                $25,000-$40,000          $75,000-$100,000

$60,000-$75,000                $40,000-$75,000          Above $100,000

Name and Location of your school of choice
Intended course of study or major
Have you applied?                  Have you been accepted?                 

EMPLOYMENT RECORD: (beginning with most recent job)

Place________________________________         Dates_______________________________                                                 
Place________________________________         Dates_______________________________                                                 
Place________________________________          Dates_______________________________                                                 
Place________________________________          Dates_______________________________                                                 


HIGH SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: (include community volunteer work, awards, office held, honors, clubs, etc.)

List on separate sheet of paper-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
ACADEMIC:        Include a copy of your high school transcript.

Class Rank__________________        Cumulative GPA _____________                

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH:  On a separate sheet of paper, compose a biographical sketch of no more than one page.  Include your career goals, your family situation and any other information that you feel would help in the scholarship selection.  The sketch should be typewritten. *Do not include your name or any family member name in the paper.

DEADLINE:        Postmarked by May 1.

INCLUDE:        1. Application Form
                2. Biographical Sketch
                3. High School Transcript

SEND TO:        Scholarship Committee
                Kankakee Valley Women's Club
                P.O. Box 841
                DeMotte, IN 46310-0841

If you are chosen as a finalist, the Scholarship Committee may request a personal interview.

I hereby certify that the information I have provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

        ___________________________________                ____________        
         Student's Signature                      Date
   Parent's/Guardian's Signature_________________________________